About Me

I’m a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, living in Lisbon, Portugal and working in EMEA as part as the Commercial Software Enginnering (CSE) team. I graduated in Computer Science in Instituto Superior Técnico and started my career in Accenture in a consulting role addressing business and technical challenges.

Joined Microsoft in 2008 supporting large customers, in Portugal, with their development and data platforms. My next step, was to join the awesome Developer eXperience team working as a Technical Evangelist focusing on Microsoft Cloud Platform (Azure) to technical audiences (from startups to large customers). More recently, I joined the EMEA CSE team working with emerging technologies namely cloud based open source, serverless. With more than 15 years of experience in IT and development I’m passionate around several development technologies like modern web standards, containers, DevOps and IoT.

I’ve worked more closely in a few verticals as Media, Resources or Financial Services. Nevertheless, during all these years I’ve always helped my customers to overcome their challenges - that continues to be by drive.

Development wise, my background is .NET, but more recently I’ve jumped more into Node/Typescript. This new fantastic open source bet happening at Microsoft allowed me work again on linux distros or any cross-platform language. Yep, I try to spend as much time as possible in VSCode and Typescript, implementing my customer’s scenarios.
Having a slight knowledge about infrastructure (@Banks I’ve worked for: thank you! ), I’m more and more drafting and implementing distributed architectures for cloud native solutions, or hybrid approaches in this multi-cloud provider world!

The evangelist is still here… So, I leave some photos in case I’m speaking in your event.


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For aditional photos, check here.