From working with our customers, I get the opportunity of building edge scenarios, so I tend to share some work with the community, so they can re-use some approaches to tackle technical challenges.

  • CSE Bot Yeoman Generator
    This project is Yeoman Generator with CI/CD for Microsoft Bot Framework a.k.a BotBuilder.
    It started with a fork from DarqueWarrior/generator-team where Donovan Brown created a great yeoman generator for several languages and DevOps targeting different platforms.
    I needed this yo csebot yeoman generator, to be able to speed up project kickoffs with botbuilder. It will help you bootstrap a csharp, node or typescript bot with an automated devOps pipeline in VSTS. It includes code source control, testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery into the Azure subscription you picked. It also takes care of the Bot Framework registration
    Feel free to use, colaborate, raise issues, and ask for features!

  • TSI Ibex Dashboard
    After working on some IoT projects using Time Series Insights (TSI), there was a need for a flexible approach to integrate data visualizations in customer applications. Having previously worked with Ibex Dashboard, this felt like a great open source to extend. My workstream was all about adding support to TSI instances and including the data visualization provided by the product.

  • Visual Studio Extension
    This is a Visual studio extension, available in the marketplase, called OutSystems Integration.It allows an organization to integrate typical development with OutSystems Platform. It provides a way to integrate both platforms. It includes a task and a service endpoint.
    The task runs in an Agent phase within the Release process. It’s goal is to allow you to determine a release process to be run inside the OutSystems platform - through the OutSystems management console : LifeTime. Some of the main features:

    • Automatic versioning of apps;
    • Complete trackability for every release;
    • Release definition cloning for multiple environments;
    • Schedule automatic releases and/or request on demand;
    • An approval system for release executions.
      A very interesting open source project that you can also collaborate!

Other open source projects, just check my github public repos, here.